On a day as momentous as this, where there are no second chances, the last thing you want is regrets. You must genuinely savor every moment to ensure you have stunning photos that allow you to relive the day. And to do that, you must feel completely at ease with your photographer. You deserve someone you can trust, an artist with a unique perspective and the expertise to capture your special day authentically.

Our team is unwavering in our commitment to the highest standards. We guarantee an exceptional experience. We excel at capturing stunning images that are immersed in a style and lighting that will make you eager to review your cherished memories.


Uncover the Magic with Us


Consistently Good Results, Creativity, and Worldwide Reach with our team.

Hey, nice to meet you! 


We are  Yuri and Kate, wedding and family Lead Photographers with 12 years of experience. We've photographed weddings in 16 countries.


Holiak's photography is timeless, capturing the essence of love, happiness, and style. Weddings are our passion, and we love nothing more than capturing the joy and beauty of a stylish couple in love. 

Our team provides fast results so you can cherish your memories for a lifetime. 


Whether amidst the vibrant streets of New York, the sun-kissed landscapes of California, the vibrancy of Toronto and Vancouver, or the enchanting allure of Europe, We bring a touch of luxury and sophistication to each frame.

Elegance Without Borders


For discerning clients who seek nothing but the best, We offer an exclusive experience free of travel fees across majestic locations. Your vision, wherever it may lead, will be captured with elegance and flair. Trust in our expertise to transform your moments into a mosaic of memories that transcend time and place.


Perfect Fit


Let's establish that we are on the same page regarding photography. We love candid photos that showcase real emotions and tell a story. However, we also believe there's room for artistry in photography, so we like mixing candid shots with a Vogue magazine style.


As Featured in WedLuxe, Wezoore, and WedVibes: A Mark of Luxury in Wedding Excellence


We're proud to announce that our dedication to creating extraordinary wedding experiences has been recognized in the prestigious WedLuxe, Wezoore, and Wedvibes magazines and blogs. This honor is a testament to our commitment to quality and elegance in the luxury wedding industry.


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Christine and George

Yurii! Wow, You are beyond incredible! Thank you for an amazing day! Everyone keeps talking about your impact on our day, and everything you did for us yesterday! It means more to us than you know! Can't wait to see the magic you've created! 

Victoria and Daniel

Yurii! We've got our photos so fast!!

They are amazing!!! I cried when I saw them.

I want to thank you so so so much!

You are amazing! 

Jen and Vincent

Hi, Yuriy!

Thank you so much for being the amazing photographer that Vince and I could ask for. Your attention to detail and your eye to get the best shot are incredible. Vince can't stop talking about how professional & fun you are while shooting. We can't thank you enough, these pictures are freaking beautiful! Take care and Good luck to you! Hopefully, we will be able to work again with you in the future. 

Maria and Mark

Hi! Thank you very much! Photos are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for your patience and hard work! We really enjoyed having you be part of our special day! Love!


How gorgeous are these photos! Thank you both, guys, for being awesome in the day of the wedding and creating such a beautiful capture of the love we felt that day!!! 

Anna and Calvin

WOW! I'm blown away! So stunning! You are literally the best photographer I've worked with! We feel so fortunate to have gotten the chance to work with you both again! You truly made us, our wedding party and all guests feel SO comfortable! We all had so much fun and we hope you enjoyed the day with us as well!



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